Crea Team


Crea-teams are work groups consisted of persons from different levels of companies coordinated by facilitators. Their objective is to initiate and organize the path of innovation by stimulating people’s creativity, generating new ideas, spreading innovation in the enterprise, encouraging the establishment of permanent centers of innovation.


They can do their job both in the short term, as a creative task force focused on a specific action plan, and long as the true centers of innovation.

The creative teams use a systemic and creative approach, they are an invaluable instrument for identifying new opportunities to generate ideas for new products or services, to stimulate organizational change by integrating vision and business strategy, creativity and innovation.


Creative teams: how do they work?

The group is the natural and most efficient size of the creative work. It allows each participant to express their thoughts, free energy, uses and develops exponentially contributions of all participants, free of judgments and conditionings.
To make this possible it must be complied with some basic rules:

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  1. - Block the judgment, not to censor or comment
  2. - Search for quantity, more ideas means better solutions
  3. - The imagination, even more strange and unclear is always welcome
  4. - Working in group, share every moment

The group has also a function of stimulus and allows you to jump into the irrational without any danger. Here are the various creativity techniques that are employed.



The beginning of a crcollageeative session serves for development of a climate of trust and collaboration. It is the phase of Relax. Participants learn to share the space and the instruments, begin to reflect the objective.

Once defined the exact problem on which the group will work a phase of Energizing begins. Using creative techniques suitable to produce ideas the group begins to produce, in a free manner, a great number of ideas. It can be used brainstorming or other techniques associative, or analog or projective techniques depending on the objective to be achieved.

The third phase of Refresh is to analyze results which has been up till this moment obtained, classifying, valuating and selecting produced ideas. At the end of this phase emerges the solution researched and may be defined also the operating modes for application.

The last act of the creative team is the farewell, the end of work.

What will be only temporary because the path of the ne
w idaula2ea is just at the beginning. The idea at the end should grow, develop, implement, packaged, and sold. In this path the idea must be followed and assisted by group, this time by a project, a natural continuation of the first creative team that created it.