Formazione alla creatività

The Creativity is not learned, is leaved

The training of creative groups is designed to encourage and liberate diverse individual expressions (rational, irrational, emotive, imaginative, symbolic, graphic) that are usually less used, to raise awareness of the complaints and blocks (perceptual, cultural, psychological) that prevent the flow of creative thinking, to experience the various creative methods (associative, analog, graphic, projective, dreamy) that are used during the creative sessions, to learn to share the rules of proper and effective working group.

All this passes also through the improvement of the communication and of the realization between individuals and through the changes in ways of thinking modes, namely those attitudes which are often the source of problems in groups and organizations. This type of training also encourages the development of individual creativity and a new way of approaching problems.


The methodology

The approach is participatory, interactive and stimulating. For this reasons it is important to give a good motivation to participants. The training focuses on practical and concrete situations.


Our proposals

Facilitating creative sessions in the company
of working groups aimed at developing creative new products and services.
Analysis of market trends, development of new concepts, identifying opportunities and developing solutions.

The creative problem solving
Experience a simple and practical method to find the solution of a problem.
The divergent thinking and convergent than: a new way of thinking, to address the problems of finding appropriate solutions.

The techniques of divergence
Knowing the process of production of ideas, techniques for generating creative ideas and put them into practice to produce new ideas quickly and in large quantities.

The techniques of convergence
Once produced 50 or 100 ideas during a creative session, what to do?
A methodology to classify, evaluate and select them. Translating ideas into operational projects.
Knowing how to present and sell ideas.

Creativity in marketing
Accelerate the flow of innovation, find ideas for creating new marketing concepts, new products, brands, campaigns. Analyze the emerging trends in the market. Enriching the process of the marketing mix.

Develop their creativity
A path for those who feel "very creative". Recognize the creative blocks that prevent you from expressing your potential. An exercise to develop own creative resources, to learn new tools, to learn that for every problem there is always at least two solutions.

Creative coaching
A personal journey to develop creative potential, to assess creativity, recognize and overcome the blocks that limit creativity, to learn to think and act creatively.