Gianni Clocchiatti

Gianni Clocchiatti Innovation advisor and creativity coach, HR consultant, writer and trainer, he teaches creative techniques to master's degrees. He leads creativity and communication laboratories and manages customized training for public institutions, international organizations and companies. His passion is to lead the change whether in the processes and the products, or in people.

Inspirer of the Italian School of Creativity he began his activity as a manager in multinational companies and continued in an international design agency where he met product innovation, marketing and creativity. He has continued as an adviser assisting new companies during their start-up and he has founded Eticrea, a lively structure which enjoys engaging itself in organizational improvement, in strategic innovation and in personal development using the experiental training, personal coaching and laboratories of creativity.

He participate as a leader to Crea Conference in Italy and the Colloque de Créativité at the University of Paris. He takes advantage of the approach as a facilitator of creative problem solving that developed into an innovative version: The Creative Solution Finding. He is a member of Créa-France, Association française pour le dévéloppment la Créativité, He is 'FourSight Certified Advanced Trainer and HR Development Potential Analyzer from KHC. Recently he published the books: “Creatività per l'innovazione”, "99 idee per trovare idee", "Fare Innovazione Diffusa" by FrancoAngeli Milano, “L'amore al tempo dello spread”, by Giuffré Editore Milano, “Con parole semplici” by Melampo editore Milano. It’ also the author of plays.


High Ideator & High Implementer = “Driver”


Drivers play with lots of possibilities, and when the spirit moves, they leap to action.
They have no shortage of ideas, and when they get excited about a particular idea, they put great energy into implementing it. In the Driver’s mind, there is little time to take a breath between the birth of an exciting concept and its implementation. Around Drivers at their best, ideas seem to burst into fruition. Of course, this can happen at the expense of a more deliberate approach to assessing the challenge at hand. Drivers don’t tend to dawdle over researching and defining the problem. Nor are they very patient with analyzing and refining their ideas. The Driver’s strength is the ability to generate lots of possibilities and the confidence to march those ideas right into reality, half-baked or not. Drivers may do well to collaborate with Clarifiers and Developers who can help them to focus on the right problem and be more selective about what ideas they push forward. They can benefit from spending a little more time checking the facts and refining ideas