The Italian School of Creativity

The publication of Créa Université,

img 0004The publication by Créa Université, an association organising educational programmes on creativity at the Descartes University of Paris, introduces the main European and international proponents of creative thinking of the last century.

It includes: the “precursors”, who have contributed to the main theories and applications of creative thinking since the beginning of the twentieth century; the “theorists”, who have developed models and theories on the basis of their studies; and, in the third section of the book, the “professionals” of creativity who have applied the methodologies, techniques and theories to different contexts and situations. The third section also presents a number of schools, mainly the Anglophone school linked to the Buffalo school in the States and the Francophone school which refers to the French, Belgian and Quebec’s/French Canadian schools. Additionally, the section mentions the Japanese, Russian, Dutch, German and Italian schools. Within the context of the Italian school of creativity, the book highlights some key exponents who have developed a unique style able to merge well-known theories with new and original ones. Among these, we can find: Gianni Clocchiatti, consultant on innovation, group facilitator, writer and trainer. His book, Creatività per l’Innovazione (Creativity for Innovation) brought a new and fresh contribution to the world of creativity, developing an innovative and original methodology: the Creative Solutions Finding; Gianni Rodari, teacher and writer, who has applied creativity to the world of pedagogy and children. His book, La Grammatica dell’Innovazione, 1997 (The grammar of Innovation) is very famous. Another Italian exponent is Nicola Piepoli, a professional with a high expertise in statistics and market research, who has created the Eureka cards. Finally, the book mentions Matteo Catullo, one of the people who has inspired Crea Conference, an annual seminar taking place in Sestri Levante and gathering hundreds of people from all over the world.