"If we look around us, over the bridge of the ship
we find only a deep sea, and always the same;
when we want to reach our port
is more useful to look at the sky, listening to the wind,
look for stars that indicate the route"


Our Mission: create value

We want to offer companies and organizations with consulting and training activities tailor-made tools to create value,
develop creativity, encourage innovation and support change.

We want to offer people training courses and tools to enable and enhance skills and resources and to make
available a greater number of choices and alternatives.

Our Ethical Charter: respect for people

We believe in the continued growth of the people, the possibility of changing business and organizational contexts,
in appreciation of diversity, fair profit as a means to meet the needs and produce new growth, to ensure
that every
customer quality and reliability of our partners share these principles :

Professionalism: ensure competence, commitment, confidence, curiosity for answers to the needs of customers.

Respect for the person: respect the values, promote listening, develop quality and diversity of each.

Ethics and development: Development by integrating it with the profit-economic
development and reducing environmental impact.