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The widespread innovation system: when employee ideas improve the company’s competitiveness, an interview on the occasion of the publication of the book Fare Innovazione diffusa edited by Franco Angeli

Creativity in the company: In this interview with Gianni Clocchiatti, we discover how to exploit the ideas of employees and collaborators, how to use the technique "antikiller" to protect new ideas and some examples of Italian companies that have applied this creative approach

Sustainable innovation with a care economy.
Intervention at the Laboratory of the Scuola Italiana Cantastorie in Udine on the occasion of the event Knowledge in celebration, 31/5/2019

Let’s give Form to creativity: a journey in the 5 senses to discover one’s own hidden creativity, a meeting with the public on the occasion of the presentation of the book Creatività per l’innovazione at Spazio Forma in Milan

Creative you become: Creativity is a human gift increasingly in demand in the workplace. How to stimulate it, how to find it, we spoke with Gianni Clocchiatti, teacher and innovation coach, author of “99 ideas to find ideas” interview with Swiss Italian radio, RSI Rete Uno, albachiara

Where are ideas born? What is the idea? Sometimes it’s a matter of fragments, intuitions, sparks that last a second. Tutorial proposes a reflection on ideas. Hopefully, they are good. With Gianni Clocchiatti, writer, teacher and coach of innovation and with Dr. Giovanni Pellegri, neurobiologist, in charge of the Ideatory of the University of Italian Switzerland of Cadro. Interview with Swiss Italian radio, RSI Rete Uno, Tutorial

Being creative, the challenge of living better - How do ideas come about? They are the fruit of an innate gift that only some possess? Or, like anything else in life, can creativity also be learned? The following spoke: Gianni Clocchiatti, facilitator of corporate creative groups and author of Creatività per l’innovazione.
Interview RAI 2 - The traveler of 6/10/2013